1. Aims of the Activity Group

The activity group furthers communication and co-operation of all persons or groups professionally interested in uncertainty quantification primarily from universities, research institutions, schools, and industry. It seeks to promote and disseminate the scientific area of uncertainty quantification and its applications. The activity group represents the field of uncertainty quantification within the GAMM and cooperates with other comparable national or international organisations. Further aims are given on the web pages of the activity group.

2. Membership

Any person interested in uncertainty quantification can become a member of the activity group by applying to the board of officers. The membership needs to be confirmed by the board of officers. The membership terminates either by resignation of the member or by exclusion through decision by the board of officers. The board of officers can vote for the exclusion of a member if that member acts contrary to the aims of the activity group or damages its reputation.

3. Organization of the activity group

The organs of the activity group are the meeting of all members and the board of officers. The meeting of all members will take place at least every two years and has to be initiated by the board of officers at least four weeks in advance. Each member attending the meeting has one vote. If any member wants a secret vote, then a secret vote will be taken. The meeting of all members is competent to pass a resolution no matter how many members are present. The meeting elects the board of officers, consisting of a chair and a vice-chair, for three years. The term extends to the next meeting of members if necessary. Additional representatives can be elected. The chair, the vice-chair and - if applicable - the additional representatives form the board of officers of the activity group. Officers have to be GAMM members. The board of officers organises the activities of the group.

4. Modification of the statutes

The previous points of the statutes can be modified by simple majority of votes at the meeting of all members.

5. Dissolution of the activity group

The dissolution of the activity group can be decided by the board of officers or the meeting of all members by a 2/3 majority.